The TOP BEST Psychological Thriller Movies Collection


Who doesn’t love a good psychological thriller? They deliver a level of abject horror which rivals that of gratuitously scary movies, but their suspensefulness and intriguing character studies—often nuanced, and featuring the mentally deranged—contain carefully plotted subtleties that teeth-gnashing, murderous monsters, and blood-soaked scenes don’t fully capture. In the most understated tones, the best psychological thrillers deliver all the spine-chilling terror of horror movies, but they’re also rife with plot twists and complex interpersonal relationships—and they keep you guessing every step of the way.

From the groundbreaking, social more-busting Hitchcock thriller, Psycho, to the neo-noir Scorcese film, Shutter Island, the plotlines of these 50 best psychological thrillers of all time will have you clutching your pearls, shaking in your boots, and dying of suspense. Here are our picks. Watch the Best Psychological Thriller Movies on

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